Enjoyed speaking with you and will
keep you informed of new arrivals.
Also, below is a picture of CorVett (out
of Ruby). As I told you, she is very
small and has a beautiful delicate face.
And again, call me anytime if you have
further questions.
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Laura & Pete,

You're two little guys are running and
playing in the sun today. Again, they
took their bottles just fine. They're very
playful, loving and affectionate. I think
you'll be very happy with them both.
They will be castrated today, and
ready for pick-up tomorrow as planned.

Thanks again,
Clinton Township, NJ
purchased one of your kid wethers.  We told you that  
we would let you know how everything is going and
pictures will be coming soon!  This is the wether with
the amazing blue eyes and was just weaned when we
got him.  We have named him Barney Rubble,
nickname Barney.  We absolutely love him, and he is
famous to our neighborhood.  They all come to visit
him.  He is quite the lover, he loves being kissed and
cuddled all day long.  He gets along really well with
our other goat and he isn't afraid of the horses we
have at all and they enjoy him to.  They watch him all
day long walking around.  He follows my mom and I all
over the place.  He fits in wonderful here!  We all just
love him to death! Thank you so much, you did a
great job raising him :)    August 2010.

Erica and Chris