Clinton Township, New Jersey
Molasses Hill Farm

We are located in Clinton Township, in the Heart of Hunterdon
County, New Jersey.

Come and take a leisurely drive through our scenic countryside
and see the rolling hills, the Cows, Buffalo, Horses, Sheep,
Chickens, Turkeys, Alpacas, and many other farm animals and
Come and take a leisurely drive through our scenic countryside

Oh, and Goats.  Let's not forget Nigerian Dwarf Goats!
Nigerian dwarf goats for sale
Dairy goats make wonderful pets and are great companion animals
Make your own goat milk and goat cheese with Nigerian dwarf goats
In business for over 20 years
Family owned & operated
Dedicated to our work
Expert breeders of Nigerian Dwarf Goats
See our All About Us page for more information
Kids, Does, Bucks and Wethers
Nigerian Dwarf Goats
Nigerian Dwarf Goats for Sale in New Jersey
Lovable, eh?!
Cookie!  Go find a goat and leave my
chicken alone!!!
Goat life is simple and fun.
What's up with these dogs?
This is the birthplace for the cheerleaders of the
2015 Puppy Bowl
showing on Animal Planet, Sunday, February 1, 2015

Animal Planet's
2015 Puppy Bowl Cheerleaders
Baby Doe vs. Killer Cat!
Click for Video
Do I wish I were a goat...?  
Let me get back to you on this question....